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Thursday, 22 March 2001

Food and Fitness Past Tips Of The Week

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Learn from the Bears and do a bit more hibernating. Increased hours of darkness make it easier for your mind and body to get into slumber mode a little earlier. Teens typically get way too little sleep. Your growing brain needs rest!

The Heat is On. It's getting really cold outside, and your family has the thermostat cranked up to Maui levels. Cozy, maybe. But people who spend loads of time in a heated home without breathing real air are inhaling loads and loads of germs. (Some docs say that it's the lack of fresh air in a closed house that causes sickness in the wintertime - NOT the cold.) Anyway, make like Faith and BREATHE!

Stressed? Do Less. Try starting that new project, new workout, whatever, for five minutes at a time. Don't be an all-or-nothing person - - it usually results in nothing. Starting is usually half the battle.

Bare minimum hair care. Think pretty hair means monthly coloring, loads of mousse, and streams of spray? Yuck. Let your poor hair alone, for God's sake. A bit of conditioner and a little mousse is enough. Over styled and over colored is overdone. Natural is the way to go.!

Let your skin breath. Wash your face when the coast is clear of hotties. And then keep the makeup off! Let your poor pores catch some O2. Your little brother may laugh, but he'll get zits, too. Then you can laugh at him.!

Wear running shoes around the house. Put a spring in your step. This will encourage you to keep your blood flowing, your body moving. Barefoot isn't always better.

Drink herbal teas. These are delicious, especially with a bit of honey. Herbal teas are great pick-me-ups for a mid-afternoon slump (the English may have something with this "taking tea" thing) and there are many different kinds for what ails ya'. Healthier than coffee, too. And perfect for Fall!

Don't be a pack animal: Is your book bag heavier than your brother? Clean it out. Do you really need to lug all those books home? Is there another way? If not, bite your bottom lip and wear your bag on both shoulders. The fashion police may let you off for good behavior, and your back will thank you in ten years.

Meditate. Take ten minutes every day to reflect quietly. Have a special place and time when you can be alone. Use music, if you want - but try to avoid Limp Bizkit. This is more of a Mozart moment.

Don't Be A Turkey. Starting your holiday season with a gorge - starve pattern of eating is a bad, bad idea. Many people assume that by skipping days of food, they can pig out at the family dinner, and it all evens out. Wrong! Yo-yo dieting is terrible for your metabolism and will ultimately result in some funky food habits and probably in stubborn weight gain - - maybe even in other health problems. So don't skip meals and don't pig out. Eating is not an extreme sport.

Created on Thursday, 22 March 2001 19:00
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