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Ruby Wolbromsky, Ph.D.

Ruby Wolbromsky, PhD, is a psychologist with more than 30 years experience, specializing in children and adolescents.

Amanda is probably an O.K., pretty well put together kid. How do I know that? Because although she's hurting inside, 1) she is in school and not at home in a panic and 2) you don't hear her complaining about how miserable she was the year before in school. I think she's going to be O.K. Yes, Amanda is suffering and feels alone and confused. But a lot of kids like Amanda don't realize that some pain and confusion go hand in hand with growing up and trying to fit into the world.
Have you seen Dad's Cheating on Mom Again: A Monologue yet? By Ruby Wolbromsky, Ph.D. What do you think Jen is going through? You can almost hear her wondering: * "What kind of husband is my father?" * "Is my mother a total jerk or what?" * "Are my parents going to split?" * "If they do, what happens to me?" * " What are my friends going to think?" * "Are all boys unfaithful like my Dad?" * "If Dad is seeing other women, how come he and Mom are huggy and mushy?" * "Why does Dad continue to cheat on Mom? * "What does that say about their relationship?" * "What, if anything, should I do about this?" And in addition to having all these complex thoughts and questions, Jen is also feeling sad about the whole situation and is very angry at both her parents.

Chris, you're facing a real tough choice and I suggest you find someone who is understanding and wise; someone who can be both patient and helpful. Food for Thought Before You Go There "OK. So there you are. In a relationship. Maybe you are in love. You are definitely high on hormones, in a constant state of arousal. You feel the adrenaline pumping, your throat is dry. You don't need to eat or sleep. All you need is LUV, right?" You're dealing with heavy-duty stuff and you need to talk. And soon!! If there's a chance that your parents can be that "someone", then talk to them. Your parents may very well be the people who care most about you in this world.

More than half of the marriages in the U.S. end in divorce. So there's a good chance that either you or a friend of yours has parents who are splitting up - or who already have. Your Stories (Children of Divorce) Divorce hurts. I don't need to tell you that. You might feel a lot of pain and be very sad. You also might feel like you're going through this all alone.

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