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"Writing" Stories

Written by  Esther Boylan Wolfson

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Here's a simple and fun activity to help develop your child's language skills!

Appropriate ages: 3 to 5
Time needed: 15 minutes


* Old catalogues or magazines
* Scissors
* Glue
* Magic Marker
* Construction Paper


1. Go through old catalogues and magazines and let your child cut out pictures that interest her.
You can do this activity with all different types of magazines or catalogues. I find that children's toy catalogues are particularly great.

2. Keep the pictures in a bag or container and ask your child to pick their favorite picture.

3. Glue the picture onto a piece of construction paper.

4. Take the magic marker and ask your child to tell you a story about the picture. If she can't think of anything, give her clues. You can point to objects and ask, "What's that?" If there are people in the picture ask, "What are they doing? Are the people happy or sad? Where do you think they are going?" Try and get your child to tell you three of four sentences per picture.

5. Write down her exact words. Do not worry if they are not correct grammatically. You can read them over to her, with the correct wording, but show her that you are writing down her story, not yours.

6. Hang the picture up on your wall or refrigerator.

What's great about this activity is that you can do it, over and over again and always come out with a different project.


Make a book from your child's stories:
Do this activity several times and keep all of the stories. Staple the stories together in the form of a book. You can have your child make a cover for her book. If you do this activity regularly and keep your child's "stories" over a period of time, you will be able to enjoy seeing how your child's language develops.

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Esther Boylan Wolfson

Esther Boylan Wolfson

Esther Wolfson , director of our Early Childhood Development Center is an Early Childhood Specialist, who received her BA in English Communications from Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University and an MA in Early Childhood Special Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, both in New York City. Esther worked as a pre-school special education teacher for seven years. Three of those years were spent working in a school for language delayed pre-schoolers, which is her area of specialty. Another special love of hers is cooking with young children. One of her most enjoyable projects was developing a program for cooking with pre-school children for three special education programs. Esther and her husband Myles have three boys aged eight, five and two-years-old. While her three lively boys and her work at WholeFamily, keep her quite busy, in her spare time (if she ever has any!) she is an avid reader who also enjoys creative writing, exercising and swimming.

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