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First Date: Part 2 The Ice Is Broken

Written by  T. F. Monty

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After the police car has left, James and Trisha sit for a while laughing and giggling.

James: Well, Madam, So we look like a really nice couple, do we?

Trisha: He was a very cute cop.

James: The perfect answer -- If I really step on it I can just about catch up to him.

Trisha: And get a ticket in the bargain.

What I must say though is that he broke the ice.

James:About two minutes before it was getting to be thick enough to skate on. Shall we go?

Trisha: Please, After that little episode I could do with a cold drink.

James: No alcohol and no coffee. For a moment back there I thought he was going to breathalyze me.

Trisha: Actually you hardly had anything to drink.

James: Aha. Checking me out already.

Trisha: It becomes a habit after, after, well a lot of years. I'm afraid I have a lot of experience in that field.

James has started the car. He leaves the freeway and turns back to town.

James: I don't think that we would find anywhere to have a cold drink out there on the freeway.

Trisha: You know what, James. I know where we are, more or less. One of the kids in the office where I work part time told me that there is very nice place near here. It's a sort of garden with a little cafe and a lake.

James: Sounds great. Lead the way.

After a while Trisha motions to James to slow down.

Trisha: There it is, Rosie's Terrace. Shall we try?

James: Sure. It looks nice.

Trisha: Seems like a young crowd. Better say, "It looks cool."

They go in. Out back is a wooden terrace with little tables. There is quiet music from a small group in the corner. The evening is warm and for the first time James and Trisha really look at each other. As they remember the incident with the police car they start to laugh again and soon they are really in fits of laughter imagining all sorts of different endings: James being carted off to jail for speeding and Trisha, wearing high heels, a long black skirt slit up the side, strings of pearls and a beret, coming to visit him.

After a while a young waitress comes up to their table.

Waitress: Would you like to order ? We have meals or just light snacks and stuff. I can bring you a menu.

Trisha (dabbing her eyes): I think I'll have a big glass of fresh lemonade, if you have it.

Waitress: Sure, we have... Wait a minute.. . Auntie Trish, is that you?

Trisha: What?

Waitress: Yes it is, I can't believe it. What on earth are you doing out here?

Trisha: Trying to order lemonade, I think.

Waitress: Auntie Trish. Aren't you going to introduce me?

Trish: Of course. James, this is my sister's daughter, Celia. Celia, this is James.

There is a long pause while Celia looks James over from top to bottom.

Waitress: James, James???

Trisha: Yes, Celia, James. And if you must know, James is my date.

Waitress (trying unsuccessfully to look sophisticated and only just managing to contain a gale of laughter): Lemonade, Yes.... And for you, er... James?

James: I'll have a soda with a twist of lemon, Please.

Waitress: Sure, sure... just a moment.

Celia rushes back to the kitchen and Trisha and James see her dialing a number on the counter phone. They can't hear what she is saying but while she is talking she is looking intently at them and making a lot of descriptive hand movements. After a while she comes back to their table with their drinks. She puts them down on the table.

Celia: Mum sends regards. She wants me to ask you and James to come over next Sunday evening for dinner.

Trisha: Look Celia. . .

But Celia is back on the phone.

James, I really am sorry about this. The last thing I wanted was to make this into a public matter. Now the whole thing is ruined. If you knew my sister this is equivalent to making an announcement on prime time TV. This is ruining everything.

Trisha looks as though she is about to cry.

James: Trisha, You may have noticed that I haven't said anything since Miss Celia came on the scene. What I would like to say now is this. I am not ashamed of being here with you. On the contrary, I am enjoying this evening very much. In any case, as you know I never argue with the police, and if the cop thinks we are a nice couple, so do I, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you do too. As far as your sister is concerned, I don't mind being shown to the family. What they make of me is their problem, not mine and I strongly suggest, if I may, that you don't make it your problem either.

Trisha looks at James in stunned silence

Trisha: You mean you would like to go to dinner at my sister's?

James: If she's a good cook. Look, Trisha, There is a great advantage to being a little older. We have the wisdom and the experience not to be influenced by what others think. What our relationship is, if there is one, belongs only to us.

Trisha: OK, I think. Wow, what an evening.

James: I should like to propose a toast "To our second date. May it be at least as interesting as the first."

Trisha: Wow, what an evening.

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